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Angie offers a cutting edge Online Booking Tool for the managed travel industry. Angie provides enhanced solutions for rich contents such as multi GDS and multi IATA approach, NDC and robust direct connections to OTAs, rails and many more, and also a unique global shared services.

Advanced integration with NDC partners

Angie has adopted the new standards of NDC ,New Distribution Capability, delivering choice, convenience and visibility with better and more relevant fare offers.

Multi source content

Angie provides access to multiple content distribution channels delivering a wealth of pricing options from around the globe and complete content freedom.

Global marketplace

Angie’s marketplace aggregates products and services from a wide array of trusted travel partners catering for all pricing options and allowing for overall benefit spend.

Travel policy enforcement

Advanced travel policy configuration allows companies to enforce a travel policy which is key to controlling a travel spend. Angie supports all strategic objectives of travel management including savings and service. Configuration can comprise of rules such as preferred suppliers, lowest logical fare, connections, alternatives and much more. Policy enforcement is automatic for approvers and travellers.

Travel agent assistance and support

To provide the best customer support to our valued customers, Angie comes with an essential real time communication feature delivering a more personalized 24/7 travel experience enhancing satisfaction and support. You are always welcome to call our office.


Angie’s collaborative environment allows the TMC, the company and the traveller to communicate, collaborate and accomplish a shared environment regardless of geographical location. This allows companies to see improvements in a variety of areas including budget control and policy enforcement.

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Launching Angie

Launching ANGIE

Tel Aviv , ITMF workshop 2018, Oct 8th.

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Take 3 minutes to learn more about Angie, its special features and why you should start working with it.

ANGIE’s global offices

Israel (head office) | U.S.A east | U.S.A west | London | Hong kong | India | Mexico | Turkey

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Omri Amsalem

    SVP - Business Development & Sales

    Omri Amsalem

    Highly accomplished sales (B2B & B2C) online marketing and strategic management.

    Corporate travel and travel tech: Former business development, corporate sales & retention, T&E management, corporate booking solutions executive at Amsalem Global Travel Management.

    Health services – Amsalem Medical, founded in 2011, is one of the leading medical tourism and flights experts in Israel.

    Medical devices- Surgical division- until 2009 sales and training executive, Covidien (Medtronic ) Biology, Tel Aviv university, 2007. MA Business & management, Ben Gurion University 2010.

  • Testimonial

    Nati Dvir

    VP Operation & Agent assistance

    Nati Dvir

    Nati has been specializing in corporate travel management for more than 15 years. Today she is Vice President of Operations.

    She is responsible for determining the company’s operational strategy and overseeing production and a smooth provision of services.

  • Testimonial

    Ben Bachar

    Online team manager

    Ben Bachar

    Head of ABT Global Online
    Expertise in travel management solutions
    Responsible for marketing, implementation, training, support an

Manager’s Strategic Priorities

Increase cost savings 47%
Improve traveler satisafaction 40%
Traveler safety/duty of care 35%
Enhanced data capabilities 33%
Increase policy compliance 30%

OBT Usage in U.S.A vs ISRAEL

It's not that we use technology, We live Technology

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Feel free to contact with us, we are happy to talk for those who wishing to see what it is to use ANGIE, our Online Booking tool.

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